5 Simple Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

by admin on 12/22/2012

It's hustle and bustle time to get the shopping done, presents wrapped and shipped AND clean the house, grocery shop, cook and whew! Before you know it your blood pressure has risen 20% and you are exhausted.

Let me help you discover 5 EASY Tips to bust the stress during this crazy time.
1) Spend 15 minutes of quiet time in the morning to meditate on peace. Sit comfortably on a couch or chair, close your eyes and know that you will be content right there for the next 15 minutes. Focus on the word "Peace" and draw that into your heart (notice I didn't say mind!). Let the mind go for 15 minutes and cultivate "Peace" only. When you start your day like this, you really will feel more at peace and ready to tackle the chores ahead.
comfortable meditation seat
2) Go have a meal, drink or cigar with a good friend. Spend time sharing life, laughing and celebrating the season. One good evening out can bring much calm and brightness to your season.
3) Get a massage. Whatever time and money you can afford to treat yourself whether it's a foot massage, a neck massage or a full-body massage. Consider this important to your health and give this to yourself as a holiday present to you!
Neck Massage Reduces Midlife Stress
4) Take a yoga class. While I love a yoga class that gets your blood moving, I actually recommend a deep, relaxation or "restorative" yoga class. This style or type of yoga works to calm the parasympathetic nervous system and is very healing to your entire body, mind and spirit. Conscious relaxation is a great gift to yourself during this hectic time.
Restorative Yoga Reduces Stress
5) Put your legs up the wall!  That's right!  Lie down on the floor on top of a blanket, tush to the wall and lift your legs up so they are resting on a wall. Let your arms rest comfortably by your side body. Cover your eyes and rest for 10-15 minutes minimum. Your feet will begin to fall asleep, but don't worry…you can't die from this!  :)  I promise you if you do this, you will be refreshed, rejuvinated and have a lot more happy, productive hours with a lot less stress!
Serenity in Midlife
There you go.  5 EASY Tips for Beating the Holiday Stress. Happy Holidays to you!!! 

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