Hello!  My name is Lisa Kneller and I publish Midlife Living Well, an online, inbox magazine targeted to people in midlife.  Midlife Living Well  is about 

*helping midlifers reduce stress and frustration

*providing solutions for today's midlife issues
*creating opportunities for getting out of the rat race and securing a better financial future
*re-igniting your passion for life

I offer this magazine because I myself am a midlifer and experiencing challenges that I wasn't necessarily expecting.  For one, I was, until recently, in charge of my mother and her well-being as she slowly deteriorated.  She has now passed and I am the successor trustee for her estate.  I am in the midst of menopause – a natural transition – filled with interesting twists and turns.

My husband and I are working on our retirement accounts so we can comfortably retire and we're making financial decisions that will support our effort.  We still have a kid in college and no 401K.  

My expertise is in the science of yoga (I teach hatha yoga and have a Master Level certificate in Holy Yoga) and I have a strong educational background in public relations, advertising and marketing.  Because I am not an expert in the other areas which affect all of us in midlife, I have partnered with others who share their expertise in their respective fields.  

Midlife Living Well is about helping adults in midlife make the most of the second half of life. Our Midlife Masters offer their best information to help you with issues you might be having during this special time of life. My hope is that we can all be more intentional about how we live out our lives – from the small conversations at the kitchen table to the more expansive nature of our service to others.

"Lisa, thank you! You are fabulous! I am loving your Midlife Living Well newsletters! So much great information."  Lynn B.

"A great publication – empowering adults in midlife to be intentional about the second half of life and find contentment, fulfillment and joy in living."  Janet D.

"Lisa, I love that you "advocate harmonious living".  Good stuff!"  Debbie T.

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To your remarkable life,
Lisa Kneller