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I have known for sometime that I would be meeting Alice Cooper.  Today I met him and his wife Sheryl.  Find out how and why in my article, Alice Cooper's Midlife Legacy.

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Alice Coooper's Midlife Legacy
by Lisa Kneller

I've known for sometime that I would shake hands with Alice Cooper and his wife Sheryl. That happened today, at Genesis Church, just before they went onstage to talk about the legacy they want to leave.

Many people – especially our age (midlife) – think of Alice Cooper as the crazy, face painted, rebellious rock and roller of the century. They would be right to remember him that way. But the Alice Cooper of today is much different  and is making a difference in the lives of kids in Arizona.

Alice and his family live in Paradise Valley, Arizona. They attend Camelback Bible Church. They are devout Christians and want to serve Jesus by serving the community. Alice had a "come to Jesus" meeting with God after years of alcoholism and celebrity living and returned to his religious roots about 20 years ago. His father was a pastor; Sheryl's father was a pastor. They both grew up in the faith; however, the fast life stripped Alice of his  connection to God and he almost lost his family.

Now he is committed to using his talent and celebrity to help kids discover theirs. Alice and Sheryl started The Solid Rock Foundation to fund the Solid Rock Teen Center located in Phoenix, Arizona. The Teen Center partnered with Genesis Church, the place where I teach Holy Yoga and  commune with other believers. Both organizations are housed in a Community Center called The Rock at 32nd Street and both are committed to serving the community to make it better for its citizens.

The Solid Rock Teen Center offers free music lessons – guitar, bass and drums to local teens after school, lessening the chance of their hanging out on the streets. They also offer dance lessons and the rooms are booked throughout the week. Teens are coming and going and are in  a building that houses a church where love and service are at the forefront of the agenda. The kids are surrounded by caring adults – Alice Cooper's staff and the Genesis staff – who want to be light in a dark world.

So how did I get to meet Alice Cooper? I knew that Alice and Sheryl would be coming to our church to help celebrate the Grand Opening of the Rock at 32nd Street – this great community center. My daughter happens to play violin on the worship team, so I went early, sat in front – right next to  Alice – to watch her play. I also asked our pastor to introduce me to the Coopers so I could tell them about Holy Yoga. God put me in the path of Alice Cooper. There would be no other way.

I was introduced to them and Sheryl said to me, "I've heard about you." I thought that was funny as I'm pretty unknown – especially among celebrities. Apparently, our pastor has been promoting Holy Yoga at all the Solid Rock events, so he's been talking about me. :) But I was thrilled to meet them and had an opportunity to thank them for the great  dance room that was built where I now teach Holy Yoga

As they addressed our congregation, Alice and Sheryl asked for our prayers to lift up the Solid Rock Teen Center. Alice specifically said that Jesus was at the center of it all, that He was the reason they are helping these kids. They don't want it to be about social justice or "doing good works". They want it to be God's way, in His timing and for His glory. I was inspired that Alice would use his celebrity only to promote the work of God and ask for his own ego to get out of the way.

If you are reading this article, you might think, "That's cool that Alice Cooper is doing this really nice thing." But my question is, what are you doing to leave a legacy? Today's sermon was all about having a better life. What does that look like for you? In midlife, we start to wrestle with questions like, "What is the meaning of my life?; How can I be happier? Can I know God? How can I make a difference?" 

I am hoping you might be inspired to dig into your spiritual life a little deeper and find happiness in knowing yourself, your relationship with God and your relationship with your community a little better. 

I enjoyed meeting Alice Cooper. I loved watching him play, "I'm 18" and "School's Out" at the Grand Opening celebration of The Rock. But without God at the center, it would just have been meeting a celebrity. So what? What good is it if you aren't inspired by something they do and you don't have something to offer back – like prayer? Such a simple thing.

This past week, a friend of ours died suddenly. She had a servant's heart. She will be missed because she left so much love and service behind. I am hoping you are inspired, just a little bit, so your life can be a little happier, a little better and you feel a little nudge by Spirit to be all you can potentially be in this short little life we have on this earth.  

God bless!



Gandhi said, "Be the change you want to see in the world."  If you are wondering how to make a difference in the lives of others, the first step is reflecting on your own life.  Here is a great article on "How to Change the World by Changing Yourself".  


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Jada October 12, 2012 at 6:19 pm

I like & admire the Coopers even more now that I've read your wonderful article. Thank you for sharing it. So glad to see that they both truly care about helping kids & are not just going thru the motions. :)
All best, Jada


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