Do You Have a Dream?

by admin on 01/27/2013


We are a long way from the day Martin Luther King made his "I Have a Dream" speech at a peaceful demonstration in our nation's capital. If you haven't ever read his speech, do yourself a favor and read it now.  It's short.

Martin Luther King


We've come a long way, but still have far to go to see that people are treated equally – not just in the U.S. but all over the world.

I think Dr. King would be happy and proud to see that we have elected a black president, but he would most assuredly see that hatred and bigotry still exist along with a poisonous apathy in our great Land of Opportunity.

As a reverend  he was quite aware of the nature of man and the necessity of spiritual revival. He also believed in the American Dream.

So today I ask you, what is your dream? 


Achieve Succeed Explore Dream


Do you have a dream of making a difference in the world?  Is there a cause you think about but haven't jumped on its bandwagon yet? 

Are you thinking about making a big move in your life, in your career or where you live? 

If you have a dream but feel blocked in making it come true, ask yourself, "what have I got to lose? I have the freedom to do whatever I want in this country (within reason and within the laws) so what's stopping me?"

I believe in building dreams and going for them.  

I believe in you! 

What areas of your life need addressing in these short midlife years?

Midlife Living Well seeks to empower, inspire and help you achieve whatever you want in life through our blog and access to our Midlife Masters. I hope you take advantage of our content and use it to make the most of your life.  

Today I want to thank our Midlife Masters for their continual support and their example of using their God-given talents to make the world a better place. 

Michele Rusinko – Healthy Cooking Coach and Certified Health Coach  

Leilah Breitler – Herb Stop Online  

Cory Couillard – The Doctor Health Show  

Paula Eder – The Time Finder  

Dr. Charles Glassman – Coach MD  

We will be adding more Midlife Masters soon!

Enjoy your holiday today! Take advantage and do something to make a difference in your life or the life of another. And… begin to dream big!

Dream Big On the Beach

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