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by admin on 11/26/2012

Have you thought what the fabric of your life looks like?  I think of it as a weaving together of moments and events that shape your well-being.
I was recently inspired by contributing writer Cindy Caldwell's article titled, "The Fabric of your Life is the Fabric of your Authentic Happiness" and am re-publishing it with her permission.  Be inspired!
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The Fabric of your Life is the Fabric of your Authentic Happiness
by Cindy Caldwell
There was a commercial that ran numerous years ago declaring "Cotton – The fabric of our lives."  Today I want to discuss another aspect of the 'fabric of your life', and no material or man-made textiles are involved.
I want to discuss the events  of your life.  We all have them.  Every day there is an 'event' that happens in each of our lives.
I'm not talking about a specific event, but the daily occurrences we each have.  Yours are your events, and mine are my events.  Likely there is some similarity to them – like getting out of bed in the morning, brushing your teeth, that sort of thing.
Mundane and unmemorable.
Create memories
Yet the fabric of your life consists of the events you choose to make memorable.  This is a chosen mindset.
For instance, every Friday evening my husband and I choose to celebrate the successes of the week just completed, and we visit one of the beautiful resorts in the city where we live (which happens to be the Phoenix area).  We have our favorite, which happens to be The Phoenician, yet every once in a while we'll make a change and select another location.
Recently we chose to visit Talking Stick Resort.  There is a casino at Talking Stick, and that is why it is so popular.  But we don't gamble and our visit isn't for that.
Enjoy the View; Enjoy the Celebration!
We visit their restaurant on the 15th floor overlooking the surrounding desert, the immediate city of Scottsdale, and the entire Phoenix metropolitan area.  It is a sight to behold.
Memories are the fabric
We could choose to go anywhere to do this, yet we select special locations to honor our celebration.  This isn't just 'date night' and an opportunity to get out of the house and enjoy a cocktail.
We want to celebrate our marriage, the beauty of the area we live in, the accomplishments and highlights of a work week just concluded, and we want to celebrate the abundance in our lives and choose beautifully abundant locations for the evening.


Create the magic


Begin celebrating and creating the memories of your life each and every day.  We all have something to celebrate, and we can choose the theme of the party as the moments unfold throughout the day.
Take the time to celebrate the moments and you'll rapidly realize you have created a life worth celebrating.  Create the fabric of your life.
Cindy Caldwell is an Authentic Happiness Lifestyle Coach and the role model and guide that high achieving, values-based career women rely upon, listen to and trust to navigate the halls of corporate life with confidence and ease.  Her website is

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To your remarkable life,
Lisa Kneller

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