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by admin on 01/02/2013


Happy New Year ! 

Well, almost.  It's New Year's Eve and we have one last hoorah before taking on another full year.  We will be having a party at our house with mostly our kids' friends.  That's what happens in mid-life…we stop going out and watch our kids celebrate what use to be one of our most fun and favorite nights of the year.  We stay safe though while others take the chance of running across drunk drivers.  Stay safe out there!

New Year's Day I will be teaching a yoga class (thank goodness not until 10am!) My theme will be about new beginnings and approaching the new year with enthusiasm and excitement. I like to take the ordinary and create the extraordinary every day.  

How do we do this?  

Making the extraordinary out of the ordinary begins in the mind. Let me give you an example. While driving to teach my yoga class, I will give thanks for the opportunity to share this incredible practice. I will notice the beautiful mountains in the background of my community and will relish my walk up to the resort where I teach yoga. I feel blessed to have this work and get paid for what I love to do. Because I also publish a magazine, I am happy that I get to share helpful information with you – things that help me as well. When we acknowledge the good in our lives, they become full and rich and rewarding.

One of the things we do in yoga besides postures, is to reflect  in the posture and examine how we feel in our mind and body. We examine what feels right and what might need tweaking. We take action to adjust or move forward into a more optimal pose. Then we breathe and find a sense of contentment even in a difficult pose. It's an exercise in examining past, present and future at the same time and a discipline that we work at as it brings us good things in the end.

Can you stand in the present, look back on your year, examine it without judging and look forward to the future? What does that look like? Do you take the time to reflect? Do you ask yourself questions like, "Am I happy?", "Is there something special I want to do this year?", "Should I be doing something I'm not for my own sake?", "Who do I want to be this coming year?".

What actions can you take now to shift into the person you want to be or have the things you want to have? Do you have a plan for your physical life, your intellectual life and your spiritual life? Or are you being dragged along in life – reacting to it because you don't see any alternatives?

Are you ready for 2013? 

It seems at the end of every year we are always saying, "Wow! I can't believe a whole year has passed…where did the time go?" as if we just rode along without doing any navigating.  Can you look at the next 5 years? 10? The whole second half of your life? Can you imagine it to be something fuller, richer, more extraordinary? Why or why not? I have a challenge for you.  Write on a piece of paper 3 things in 3 columns.

My Spirit (My Guide)

My Body (My temple)

My Mind (My creative partner)  

Under these headings, write down at least one thing about each one you are observing (without judgment). Write down how you might want to shift or change in each of those areas. Write down the action you will take to make the shift. Breathe, touch base with the feeling of what the result of that shift brings.

Here's my example:

My Spirit – I notice that I try to make things happen on my own. I feel led by God but my plan is to listen and pray more to get better guidance and be more dependent on Him. I will feel more peace and contentment.

My Mind – I have good skills, but could use a lot more. I will commit to building more skills in my work and to pushing myself harder. I will feel more accomplished in my work.

My Body – I have gained unwanted pounds throughout the holidays. I will commit to a detox and get back to working out more so I will feel stronger and have more energy. 

Do you see how that works? You acknowledge without judgment, commit to a plan and envision how it feels.

Get ready. You can create a vision for your second half of life now. You can imagine the legacy you'd like to leave behind. Start with 2013, but don't hesitate to think much bigger and longer. Take the time now to reflect and then plan for your near future. Take the time to envision your long-term future and who you want to be. Be open to shifting and changing and reaping the benefits of your vision.

I wish you a very healthy, prosperous and happy new year. As part of your planning, let me know what you want to know more about. Send me a message on my Contact page and help me help you.

Blessings for a wonderful new year and beyond!

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