Sex Over 50!

by admin on 01/31/2013

Midlife Living Well and Sex Over 50

If you're like me, you gotta be curious about this subject as a midlifer.  Trust me, you will love this book if you are looking for ideas on Sex Over 50.  Let's face it, as we age, we start dealing with a changing body and have concerns about body image.  We may realize the amazing experience we have in this area, or we may not.  This book covers all subtopics concerning sex in midlife.

In Sex Over 50, you will discover:

     *Some of the best years of your sex life.

     *How to create a sexy frame of mind.

     *12 Myths about Sex Over 50.

     *How to build sexual self esteem.

     *The hidden sexual potential of optimism.

     *How to conquer the three emotions that sap sexual energy

     *Tips for making sex more playful.

     *The Stress and Sex connection.

     *Seven Sexy Stress Busters.

     *Sex and Hormones

     *How exercise influences sexuality

     *The Health Benefits of Sex.

     *Keeping the romance alive!

     *How to make time for love.

     *How to put sex back into a sexless marriage.

There's a whole chapter on the unlimited potential of midlife orgasm and so much more that I highly recommend getting this book, if nothing else than to satisfy your curiosity.  Trust me, once you start reading this book, you will discover ideas and connect with thoughts and ideas that others think about which you may have been too embarrased to talk about.   

I read a story in this book which mirrored the exact same situation a friend of mine had encountered.  It was refreshing to note that others have similar issues and that there ARE ways to address these issues – even if it means making a serious decision.

You can thank me later!  I would love to hear from you if you purchase and read this book. Please send me a message on my Contact page so I know if it helped you.



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